Digital development in the freight and logistics industry is going faster than ever. Systems are being prepared and developed to meet the future demands of customers, suppliers, and carriers. Controlling and exchanging data and the possibility of simple integration to external systems will be crucial parameters in future competition. Therefore, we are happy to inform you about our new partnership with CON-LINQ. By integrating Uniteam5 and CON-LINQ's fLex product, we look forward to presenting a complete solution that ensures that our customers are at the forefront of market developments.

partnership with CON-LINQ

What's in it for you?

Get your very own white-label Booking platform designed according to your company profile. The platform handles all freight modes and allows your customers and agents to choose between several services, and at the same time, they can calculate prices themselves based on your current offers.

By offering online pricing and a broader range of flexible services, you will gain more bookings and loyal customers. With the solution, you meet the digital requirements of the outside world, and you can innovate and differentiate your business and services.

Finally, you streamline your internal processes. Via API, all data is exchanged between Uniteam and fLex so that your cost prices, Bookings, and settlement data are automatically updated.

If you are interested in hearing more about the possibilities, please get in contact with me.

Christian Høy -  - Ph.: +45 2087 4076 –