The Uniteam System

The Uniteam 5 System is a sophisticated - yet easy to use - fully integrated suite of software systems that assists Air- and Oceanfreight Forwarders, Liner Agents, NVOCCs, Road Forwarders, Distributors, Warehouse Operators around the world to manage their clients' cargo movements more efficiently.

The web-based Uniteam 5 System runs on a Microsoft platform and can be accessed from any Internet-capable computer and can be hosted either locally, with hosting services or in the cloud.

All modules in the Uniteam 5 System meet all the standard requirements of the transport industry, including administrative support functions such as finance and marketing. Modules, menues and and roles can be defined and configured for multiple and flexible user profiles. The System facilitates Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for easy exchange of information with Airlines, Shipping lines, Customs authorities, integrators, banks, clients and more. Uniteam delivers reliable and responsive support and assistance worldwide.

All modules in Uniteam 5 fully support Drag&Drop archiving and paperless administration and operation !

Our clients can rely on our highly professional IT team to help them identify the modules they require, set up the system, and provide worldwide support.

Great features enhancing Uniteams TMS platform !
22 March 2023
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14 November 2022